Monday, May 15, 2006

upload gods

Okay So I was so happy to be done that I took the photo without weaving all the ends. But they are done and have been worn, and I like them despite the fraternal heel problem. Now that the upload gods have smiled upon me I will tempt fate and try to add another photo. This one is kind of hard to "read" but this is my son napping on the couch with his legs at a 90% angle. Doesn't look comfortable to be but he slept this way for two hours.

Now onto my next project, I am bravely going into my ufo's and trying to finish them. I restarted the leaf sweater from Teva Durham's Loop-d-Loop after a years inactivity. I am using a bulky alpaca and rowan kidsilk haze for my friend Heidi. The yarn is so gorgeous that when I was knitting in Barnes and Noble people were asking to touch it.

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