Thursday, September 18, 2008

no writing does not equal no knitting

I want to try to keep this going so, here some stuff I knit when I wasn't writing. Those are baby socks from yarn I dyed with easter egg tabs. And the blanket is sort of made up log cabin foolishness with an endless icord border. Its lorna's laces vera colorway, don't recall the contrasting color name. The colors were gorgeous but the yarn was a royal pain, with several knots per skein & a complete gauge change from worsted to sock! More stuff soon, I hope!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Cue the cricket sounds

Don't equate the lack of writing with the lack of knitting. Since my last post I have knit one full pair of socks and two single socks, one of which I subsequently frogged. I made a pair of socks for DH in knit picks felici, which he wore endlessly untill I begged him to take them off so they could be washed. I started a pair of noro socks, got up to the leg and was teased by my SnB friends because it looked odd. It did fit but I had concerns about the guage and feel of the fabric. I frogged the sock and am considering washing the yarn before I knit it. And now I am making a pair of baudelaire socks from knit picks essential tweed. Pics to follow.