Wednesday, September 26, 2007

where do the days go?

Well, I haven't been writing but I have done some knitting. I would show you but I am having blogger issues. I made two of the practise socks from the new Cat Bordi book, a pair of sidewinder peds for my niece at Penn state, the replacement sock for my sockapalooza pal (thank you Canadian Customs!), and a square for a group project. You can't see them (thanks, Blogger). I also had some excitement in the form a bear that came up to my front door, knocked over the garbage and threw it all over my yard. The local wildlife people said they only come out if its a nuisance, clearly we do not share the same definition of the word nuisance. DH is out of state for two weeks, which leaves me with no plan B for childcare. My next knitting is going to be a pair of socks for someone whose sockapalooza pal crapped out on her, so they are rescue socks. I am think about yarn and choices. I really wanted to do a pair from the new cat bordi book, but this gal lives in California and a lot of those socks are pretty thick for a Cali girl! I would use fixation but I am kind of tired of it sine I just made a third fixation sock. Hmmnn. I may have to go shopping in my yarn closet!

On a lighter note, one of the kids at the school I work at have a real yarn obsession and he likes to play with lengths of yarn (to the distraction of his peers and the detriment of his work). He is on the autism spectrum. Today he was talking about how mad he was that I hadn't let him play with yarn during group therapy, and I told his teacher that I thought he might like me if he knew how much yarn was at my house! I understand the love of yarn but I always want to knit with it.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Cat Bordhi's book

Lets just get this over with. Clearly Cat is a genius. Her mind is capable of innovation and understanding things in unique ways. But I am scratching my head. I just bought her new sock book. It is gorgeous, the samples are gorgeous, the yarns are gorgeous. Some of the socks are not my taste, but all are gorgeous. The book is huge! I don't love the binding because I know that I will wear it out or break the spine. I may have it spiral bound. But that lady must have the world's coldest feet. Some of those socks are super thick, some are double stranded. I don't think I could fit them in shoes. My goal for this book is to knit the sample baby sized socks and see what I can use or adapt from the methods. I have to say that there are some seriously cool toes to try!

In other socks, I have about 27 grams of the cascade fixation left to re knit the lost broad ripple sock. Sucks that I need 33! DH realized that the job in California was turning into a choice between his career and his family. He chose family but not without putting me through the ringer. He is sulking. Poor man lacks a sympathetic audience for the sulking show!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The mystery of the missing sock

Well, some how between the geniuses at the United States Postal Service and their brethren to the north, the Canadian Postal service my sock pal received her socks a little worse for the wear. The package I sent priority fro $17 (promised in 6-10 days) arrived at her home on September 2nd. The box was smashed, and the contents were disturber, very disturbed. She received 1.5 pairs of hand knit sock, yes that's right three socks. Two Baudelaire and one broad ripple. Socks are less effective when not in pairs. So she is trying to track the missing sock, I am looking for my left overs from the yarn to see if it is enough for another sock. Sigh. Check out her account of the mystery.

OTN- the second sidewinder ankle sock for my niece.

Monday, September 03, 2007

much tsuris

That's yiddish for angst. I spent most of the week twisting my psyche in knots, but finally realized that for very many reasons - there was no way I believed this opportunity was right for my family. I hope DH would get there but he remained 100% positve about all this. I finally had to say no so we (by this I mean him) are in a deep stage of simmering in bitter resentment. I hope that he comes around, but in the end I felt like I could not make that CA situation work for the family. Gulp!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

sock pics

Just so you know that in addition to not being in the photo, I am also not eating ice cream. This is the family enjoying frozen custard in bethany beach, de.
This is the cuff of the monkey socks I made for my daughter. The colors are indeed bright and nearly impossible for me to photograph well. My only change in the pattern was the addition of the picot cuff, for me my default cuff! Right now I am working on a sideways footie for my niece. That and in non-knitting, I am working on a nervous breakdown. In addition to the major stress of starting a new job, the kids starting school and arranging all the childcare - DH got a job offer out of state. Far, far out of state. In a state I don't really want to live in. No offense to that state, I am sure it is a perfectly nice state. I am also pretty sure its not for me. I worry about the changes for the kids. I am up every morning at 4 am worrying about all the things there are to worry about. Still this feels like a runaway train. Clearly it is what he wants and thinks he needs - therefore he is glossing over all the minuses and sees this as an adventure. I see this as an adventure that could f**k up my life and my family. Not alot of grey area, is there?