Friday, September 07, 2007

Cat Bordhi's book

Lets just get this over with. Clearly Cat is a genius. Her mind is capable of innovation and understanding things in unique ways. But I am scratching my head. I just bought her new sock book. It is gorgeous, the samples are gorgeous, the yarns are gorgeous. Some of the socks are not my taste, but all are gorgeous. The book is huge! I don't love the binding because I know that I will wear it out or break the spine. I may have it spiral bound. But that lady must have the world's coldest feet. Some of those socks are super thick, some are double stranded. I don't think I could fit them in shoes. My goal for this book is to knit the sample baby sized socks and see what I can use or adapt from the methods. I have to say that there are some seriously cool toes to try!

In other socks, I have about 27 grams of the cascade fixation left to re knit the lost broad ripple sock. Sucks that I need 33! DH realized that the job in California was turning into a choice between his career and his family. He chose family but not without putting me through the ringer. He is sulking. Poor man lacks a sympathetic audience for the sulking show!

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Carrie Penny said...

Vikki Howell commented on her during the show I watched yesterday (coriellis socks) and said that she was 1/2 scientist and 1/2 artist. I love her stuff but a lot of them are things I would knit to knit, but not ever really wear. She is a great designer!