Tuesday, July 31, 2007

anxious knitting

Taking this yarn from point A to point B was about as nerve wracking as knitting can be. I followed Nona's sidewinder pattern with no changes, I got gauge. Because there is no way to know if it will fit until you have done a lot of work, it requires a lot of trust in the pattern. I was surprised by how well the sock fits, now my only concern is whether there is enough yarn to knit the second sock. I guess I need to weigh the yarn.
My only disappointment is how tight the yarn got at the lifted bar increases even with an effort to keep it loose. I wonder if there is a way to finesse this?

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Whoo Hoo

I am unblocked, I guess this means that nothing dirty happens here. I was one of many blogs that were erroneously blocked because "they contained elements consistent with spam blogs". My friends at blogger did not explain further but after several days it is unblocked.

I had really wanted to post last week because I was mid-dilemma about two pairs of socks. Since then with consultation from my SnB group, my monkeys were undone. They were in an opal yarn from Germany that had some serious contrast. I thought it didn't look so hot in the monkey pattern. The SnB'ers agreed and they are kaput. I made several starts at the sidewinder, and have just finished Act II. This sock is so hard for me because I will not know how it works out until it is done. The yarn choice seems good, it is from Opal Rainforest I. I will post pics later.

I was in New Hampshire to see my nephew at camp. It is his last summer, and his camp is super close to Patternworks. I bought a few things to send to my sockapalooza pal, nothing for me. So that makes only one slip from the yarn diet since January. I finally got my package from Marianne, and it was worth the wait and worth the slip!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

random pics

Item number one finished, broadripple socks in cascade fixation for sockapalooza pal.
Item number two, finished Baudelaire for sockapalooza pal.

Item number three, gratuitous sock in progress shot. Now that all the knitting for my sock pal is done, I am considering my next project. I am thinking of something for -hmmmmm- me!
I am also thinking hard about what else to include in the package for my sock pal.

Monday, July 09, 2007

This and That

My latest knitting- 1 baudelaire done, one half od the second sock is done. I am seriously worried that these will not fit my sockapalooza pal. She did not give measurements but said she had generous ankles, or something like that. I know the lace has a lot of give but I don't really know what size they should be! I think I will make a second pair of footies out of fixation, so I can eliminate the ankle problem and know that they will stretch. The baudelaire socks look great, but I really want them to fit her!

Today's plan includes dentist for ds, and swim team practise for dd #1. Temperature is expected to be in the 90's, so I expect to maintain a slothlike activity level. Cooking will be minimal to non-existent, as will house work. I went to the post office on Saturday and mailed some yarn to Phyl for posting a comment to my 100th post! Hope she enjoys the choices. I went stash surfing to find goodies for her.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I want to give something away

I wanted to send a yarny gift to the 1st poster to my 100th post, but she did not leave any way to get a hold of her. She has an unlisted profile. Please let me know how to get some yarn to you or I will have to go send something to the next post!

Monday, July 02, 2007

brush with greatness

Well imagine me sitting in a playground in Brookline, working on Baudelaire when who walks by. Alison of the blue blog with her three lovely children, including the baby in a hand knit hat and pants. So what do I do? Nothing. I couldn't think of a way to say hello that did not seem weird and stalkerish. So I told my non-knitting friend that I had recognized the family. I am not sure what was weirder to her, the fact that I saw and recognized Alison or that the knit blogging community exists or perhaps that I would not say hi. Oh well, maybe it was a weirdness trifecta.

By the way, this is my 100th post. I am thinking I should commemorate this in some way. How about first comment gets a gift of sock yarn from the crazy big stash? How about it? Any takers? Make sure to leave a breadcrumb trail or at least an email address so I can find out where to send it. Hey, let me know if you have a preference (Hand dyed versus machine, color).

Sunday, July 01, 2007

done and undone

What's done? The pedicure socks are fini, but have not yet been gifted, I will write and post the pattern soon. The Naga sock is done and gifted, and posted on the recipient's blog!

I cast on for Baudelaire in an apple green opal uni. These are for my sockapalooza 4 partner, who turns out not to be the original person I was sent but someone very interesting. I was intimidated by her recent post showing a drawer full of hand knit socks. I feel like I am sending coal to Newcastle. But the Baudelaire pattern knits up pretty fast and it is looking great! I am about to start the heel of sock number 1!

We are going to the Boston area for the forth, leaving tomorrow AM. I am not ready, not close. The minivan looks like it has been taken over by squatters with a sweet tooth. I can't pack it up till I remove all the extraneous shit that is there. I love the blink ads about how to clean a car, but those folks have not met my car! I hope to take in a yarn store or two while I am in the Boston area, one is near where we are staying in Brookline! Am I sounding like I am off the yarn diet?