Friday, April 28, 2006

fo & strange bird

Here are Miss Emily's socks to match her baby sister's. She loved them and wanted to wear them immediatedly. She actually wanted to wear them after the first one was finished but she hung on for the second sock. I love the picot edge.

So I cast on a pair for me with regia canadian fashion colors (can't remember which). I took this photo with some strange bird in the background, maybe someone can tell me what it is (the bird not the yarn).

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

the kids

So now that I can put it a picture, I am bound by laws of motherhood to post a photo of the kids. C'mon you knew it was coming! Back to the couch for me!

rush hour

So this is what I saw out my window at dinner time the other night. Rush hour in Connecticut sure is diffent than Chicago! I know this is simple minded but I am so exited that I figured out the picture thing even though I had to be talked through it by holyknitbatman.blogspot (much thanks).

Now let's see if I can put in a knitting photo. Okay its in but not where I want. WTF! Those are baby socks for little Lauren, such a sweetie. The odd little hand in the background belongs to my daughter's doll. I have exhausted myself with this technological effort. I think I'll go sit on the couch and eat!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

About the knitting

I thought maybe I would write about what I knit. These days I am fully sock obsessed and have been doing all kinds of socks, and other things with sock yarn. I do toe up cuff down, magic loop, and 2 circs. I have no commitment to any particular method but I like Queen Kahuna's Crazy Toes and Heels. Sometimes it isn't a good fit for kids socks or tricky patterns. I am halfway through the second sock of the embossed leaves pattern fro IK Winter 2005 with some hand dyed yarn from twinkle toes. Also I am almost done a pair of toddler socks with a picot edge to match a baby hat and sock gift for the new sibling! The yarn is something that looks like sockatta but came from Germany with an unrecognizable label

I have not yet figured out how to link to site or upload pics. Monday all three kids will be back in school and hopefully I can figure that out. I have some serious knitting ADD so there are many unfinished projects, usually thing that are big. Along with the sock knitting obsession comes the sock yarn obsession. I have been visiting etsy and ebay for sock yarn and would hate to add up my yarn money lately. I am trying real real hard not to buy any more, but I am afraid if I start an official yarn diet I will react the way I do to food diets - and go on a yarn binge!

Thursday, April 20, 2006


OMG, I can't belive I am doing this after years of lurking and years of knitting. So I bet you want to know what stirred me out of my lethal inertia- and the answer is I finally joined something. See for a long time I would follow kal's and buy the yarn or decide to do a project, but never post and never officially join. I prefer to see this as a sign of my adapatability rather than stalkerish. So I decided to do scout's dyeathon and actually join this time. For a long time my little byline has been kind of like an imaginary friend, I had an imaginary business with cards and a real domain name but did nothing. Well. let's see what this does for my inertia level. Much love!