Sunday, July 30, 2006

actual knitting

This is yet another baby gift but this time its for someone who has less than zero chance of seeing it here before I give the gift on the 4th. It is the baby kimono from Mason-Dixon Knits, made out of variagated Sugar and Creme yarn. They recommend peaches and creme yarn, which doesn't seem to exist in Connecticut. I do plan to order some but I needed to crank this out fast. I started on Friday night at 10 PM and today I am three rows away from finishing the left front. I hope to be done knitting by tomorrow so I can finish and sew on the ribbon and get back to the baby sweater that is the ultimate finishing challenge. About the kimono, I am a little concerned about how stiff it seems, but I hope it will soften when washed. I love the color, and even like the way its pooling at the neckline.

I am also waiting by the mail as I ordered some of the new undyed yarns from Knitpicks (the superwash and the tweed). I had to throw in a book to reach the free shipping. How's that for rationalization, I just love defense mechanisms! I sent my knit sock kit sway and it was recieved by my buddy and she liked it. I will link to her page tomorrow since I forgot to take a picture before I sent it off!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

hubby's midlife crisis

So last weekend, I was in New Hampshire a few miles from Patternworks. It is an amazing store and every year I treat meyself. This I was feeling guilty about the amount of yarn in the house so I didn't buy a thing! I felt rewarded when I got home from the trip and recieved my socks that rock club package. However tonight my DH is picking up the porsche he bought himself. Think of how much yarn I could get for the price of that thing! It better fulfill his wildest dreams because he has been a pain in the ass to live with lately and if this doesn't make him happy he may come to some harm. So now my mantra is if he can get a porsche I can afford a....... (fill in the blank).

I haven't posted a pick of my wip becasue it is a baby gift. Suffice to say that this was the wrong project for the girl who hates finishing. I stopped before starting the sleeves because there were a million ends to weave in, and I didn't want to get stuck doing it all at the end. Tonight I start the sleeves.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

sad stash enhancement

So here is truly a score. 6 balls of opal, 8 of baby ull, 2 that my daughter picked out and 4 dale books for 94 dollars. So why is this sad? It was only possible because a great yarn store lost its lease and decided to close after 20+ years in business (Needleworks in Newington). As much as I loved saving 50% and am planning my next trip, it feels kinda wrong. But as in all things yarn related, if loving it is wrong, do I want to be right?

Thursday, July 06, 2006

a picture worth a 1000 words

The most interesting thing we saw on vacation was this - look closely. Yes, that is a wheeled dolly strapped to the underside of a giant turtle. See the bent front leg. The zookeeper showed xrays of the fracture and subsequent surgery. She explained that the turtle hurt itself playing with the other turtles, then looked up at the grown-ups and air quoted "mating". I struggle to understand how an animal that lives so long could actually hurt itself mating.

Monday, July 03, 2006

happy 4th

Well all my best intentions for at least a text blog from the rents house are currently paving the road to hell. It was a busy week. We had a cold caught from grandpop, a fat lip, a hurt knee that resulted in the best lame act by a two year old (he crab walked and hopped for about 12 hours) and an unexpected swim in the fish pond. And that was all one child. The rest were reasonably well behaved, but the 5 year old who knows everything refused to take her carsick medicine and turned the car ride home into the vomit comet. In knitting news, Loop in Philadelphia was having a major sale and an extra 5% off if you shopped before noon on Sat. and Sun., so I made my sister run over there to pick up euroflax for me for the IK summer 2006 cardigan. Whoo, 5 balls and a pair a of inox needles to replace the ones I bent in the car door all for 50 dollars! I have some great photos but don't have the energy to download them, hopefully I will post again tomorrow.