Sunday, July 30, 2006

actual knitting

This is yet another baby gift but this time its for someone who has less than zero chance of seeing it here before I give the gift on the 4th. It is the baby kimono from Mason-Dixon Knits, made out of variagated Sugar and Creme yarn. They recommend peaches and creme yarn, which doesn't seem to exist in Connecticut. I do plan to order some but I needed to crank this out fast. I started on Friday night at 10 PM and today I am three rows away from finishing the left front. I hope to be done knitting by tomorrow so I can finish and sew on the ribbon and get back to the baby sweater that is the ultimate finishing challenge. About the kimono, I am a little concerned about how stiff it seems, but I hope it will soften when washed. I love the color, and even like the way its pooling at the neckline.

I am also waiting by the mail as I ordered some of the new undyed yarns from Knitpicks (the superwash and the tweed). I had to throw in a book to reach the free shipping. How's that for rationalization, I just love defense mechanisms! I sent my knit sock kit sway and it was recieved by my buddy and she liked it. I will link to her page tomorrow since I forgot to take a picture before I sent it off!


Kerry said...

that is a great looking baby kimono. I just love bright colors for babies.

Claire said...

I LOVE the Kimono, and I decided to use my Amazon gift cert for the MD book. :-)

BTW, for the Sophie, it's size 10 & 1/2 needles, not 8's. Oops!! :-) Luckily I was only up to row 24, so frogging back wasn't a problem.