Friday, August 04, 2006

baby prezzies

Well the party for baby Kylie starts at 3 today and my two gifts are almost entirely done. All I need to do is do a little chain stitch on the inside of the sweater so the mommy can tie the other side of the kimono shut. That leaves me with the big baby present to finish as soon as possible, then on to the ten thousand other things I want to knit. I just added a big want to do project from Rowan Knits 40, the wrap around. I love it. But what I really love is that Rowan gave up on the extreme ethnic accessorization of issue 39, which gave me fits of ADHD. Ironically some of the actual knitted objects are lovely, but how can anyone tell with all the stuff they threw on those poor models.

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Eleni said...

Okay, could the buttons be any more adorable? I am loving it. So cute in person. I want to be a baby again so I can borrow it!