Thursday, August 17, 2006

secret no more

This is the secret baby sweater done for my new niece who was born on July 5th. It is an Elizabeth Zimmermann pattern that I complicated by using a fibonacci sequence in the stripes. This picture kinda sucks but the colors are bright pink, burgandy, navy and violet. My sister in law loves color, so I assume she will not want wimpy pastels for the baby. My friend Jane sewed the zipper in for me, and it would have taken me forever to do!

I also made a painting for the baby but I am having trouble uploading it. The painting has a frog in a crown on a lily pad. Blogger continues to mystify me, I can't figure out why it would post one pic and not the other one.

We are going to Bethany Beach in three days, I have to pack for the entire family and pack groceries etc. So guess what I am doing? Knitting a sock!

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