Monday, July 03, 2006

happy 4th

Well all my best intentions for at least a text blog from the rents house are currently paving the road to hell. It was a busy week. We had a cold caught from grandpop, a fat lip, a hurt knee that resulted in the best lame act by a two year old (he crab walked and hopped for about 12 hours) and an unexpected swim in the fish pond. And that was all one child. The rest were reasonably well behaved, but the 5 year old who knows everything refused to take her carsick medicine and turned the car ride home into the vomit comet. In knitting news, Loop in Philadelphia was having a major sale and an extra 5% off if you shopped before noon on Sat. and Sun., so I made my sister run over there to pick up euroflax for me for the IK summer 2006 cardigan. Whoo, 5 balls and a pair a of inox needles to replace the ones I bent in the car door all for 50 dollars! I have some great photos but don't have the energy to download them, hopefully I will post again tomorrow.

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