Tuesday, July 31, 2007

anxious knitting

Taking this yarn from point A to point B was about as nerve wracking as knitting can be. I followed Nona's sidewinder pattern with no changes, I got gauge. Because there is no way to know if it will fit until you have done a lot of work, it requires a lot of trust in the pattern. I was surprised by how well the sock fits, now my only concern is whether there is enough yarn to knit the second sock. I guess I need to weigh the yarn.
My only disappointment is how tight the yarn got at the lifted bar increases even with an effort to keep it loose. I wonder if there is a way to finesse this?


Carrie Penny said...

They are really neat looking with the striations

Diane said...

Beautiful job. Hope you have enought for the second sock.

Pamela said...

I cannot comment about your socks but wanted to share that I got a good laugh when I linked to your blog. From the way the URL appeared on the sock knitters list, I thought it was "hand knit by a failed female minister." The errant space and my penchant for jumping to conclusions! Have a good day.