Sunday, July 01, 2007

done and undone

What's done? The pedicure socks are fini, but have not yet been gifted, I will write and post the pattern soon. The Naga sock is done and gifted, and posted on the recipient's blog!

I cast on for Baudelaire in an apple green opal uni. These are for my sockapalooza 4 partner, who turns out not to be the original person I was sent but someone very interesting. I was intimidated by her recent post showing a drawer full of hand knit socks. I feel like I am sending coal to Newcastle. But the Baudelaire pattern knits up pretty fast and it is looking great! I am about to start the heel of sock number 1!

We are going to the Boston area for the forth, leaving tomorrow AM. I am not ready, not close. The minivan looks like it has been taken over by squatters with a sweet tooth. I can't pack it up till I remove all the extraneous shit that is there. I love the blink ads about how to clean a car, but those folks have not met my car! I hope to take in a yarn store or two while I am in the Boston area, one is near where we are staying in Brookline! Am I sounding like I am off the yarn diet?


Carrie Penny said...

I couldn't make myself stick to a yarn diet if I tried! I love these socks though! They are very pretty!

Carrie Penny said...

I posted too soon, I hope you have fun in Boston!