Sunday, July 22, 2007

random pics

Item number one finished, broadripple socks in cascade fixation for sockapalooza pal.
Item number two, finished Baudelaire for sockapalooza pal.

Item number three, gratuitous sock in progress shot. Now that all the knitting for my sock pal is done, I am considering my next project. I am thinking of something for -hmmmmm- me!
I am also thinking hard about what else to include in the package for my sock pal.


Knitman said...

Good looking socks, especially the green one.

N. Maria said...

Your socks are great looking!

broadcasting from a knitting parlour said...

Now, that's one lucky sockapalooza pal! Beautiful job on the Bauds!

noricum said...

Oh! Pretty!!! I think the green ones are my favourite, but I look forward to trying both on! (Puhleeeeeze, Mr Postman! Pretty please, with sugar on top?!?)