Saturday, September 01, 2007

sock pics

Just so you know that in addition to not being in the photo, I am also not eating ice cream. This is the family enjoying frozen custard in bethany beach, de.
This is the cuff of the monkey socks I made for my daughter. The colors are indeed bright and nearly impossible for me to photograph well. My only change in the pattern was the addition of the picot cuff, for me my default cuff! Right now I am working on a sideways footie for my niece. That and in non-knitting, I am working on a nervous breakdown. In addition to the major stress of starting a new job, the kids starting school and arranging all the childcare - DH got a job offer out of state. Far, far out of state. In a state I don't really want to live in. No offense to that state, I am sure it is a perfectly nice state. I am also pretty sure its not for me. I worry about the changes for the kids. I am up every morning at 4 am worrying about all the things there are to worry about. Still this feels like a runaway train. Clearly it is what he wants and thinks he needs - therefore he is glossing over all the minuses and sees this as an adventure. I see this as an adventure that could f**k up my life and my family. Not alot of grey area, is there?


Diane said...

DH should realize that you don't have to accept every job offer; especially ones that uproot your family. One person's needs should outweigh the rest of the family.

noricum said...

I'm sorry to hear about the job offer. :(

I need you to contact me by e-mail: mantler at gmail dot com. The sock package arrived... sort of. I got one and a half pair! :(( I'm going to phone Canada Post and give them hell, but I want to find out if anything else is missing besides one of the pink socks.

I'm writing more details in my blog now...

Oh... and if you e-mail me your phone number, I can call you. We get free long distance in Canada and the US.

PS: I *love* the socks and everything else... well, what made it to me, at any rate.