Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The mystery of the missing sock

Well, some how between the geniuses at the United States Postal Service and their brethren to the north, the Canadian Postal service my sock pal received her socks a little worse for the wear. The package I sent priority fro $17 (promised in 6-10 days) arrived at her home on September 2nd. The box was smashed, and the contents were disturber, very disturbed. She received 1.5 pairs of hand knit sock, yes that's right three socks. Two Baudelaire and one broad ripple. Socks are less effective when not in pairs. So she is trying to track the missing sock, I am looking for my left overs from the yarn to see if it is enough for another sock. Sigh. Check out her account of the mystery.

OTN- the second sidewinder ankle sock for my niece.

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Carrie Penny said...

That is horrible. I am not sure what is wrong w/ the postal service recently. I just got a package from my mother that was torn to shreads... Apparently nothing was missing this time, but the whole box looked like a pack of dogs had gotten a hold of it.