Monday, January 14, 2008

Cue the cricket sounds

Don't equate the lack of writing with the lack of knitting. Since my last post I have knit one full pair of socks and two single socks, one of which I subsequently frogged. I made a pair of socks for DH in knit picks felici, which he wore endlessly untill I begged him to take them off so they could be washed. I started a pair of noro socks, got up to the leg and was teased by my SnB friends because it looked odd. It did fit but I had concerns about the guage and feel of the fabric. I frogged the sock and am considering washing the yarn before I knit it. And now I am making a pair of baudelaire socks from knit picks essential tweed. Pics to follow.

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Deb said...

can't wait to see the baudelaire!

I'm tagging you - go to my blog to play along.