Monday, May 22, 2006

Some body took the suck out of my Monday

First let me acknowledge that I am responsible for this Monday sucking. AT the age of 43 I am experiencing the simultaneous joys of trying to wean my last child and perimenapause. And I forgot to take the magic pill that wards off the f***ing hot flashes yeasterday, so I had pathetic night sweats and early morning sweats.

Now what made me happy is the arrival of my yarn from dye-o-rama swap mate Kerry (aka Seraphina). You can hardly tell from my pic how gorgeous this yarn is. It has various shades of green with some little bits of gold and red. Yummy! and there were treats! Can't wait to start to knit it.

The second thing that made my day was a card from a woman who was struck by an aging and out of it driver who ran a red light. I was a witness but couldn't stay to talk to the police because I had to pick up a kid at school, so I called the police and let them know what I saw. The card was lovely, thanking me for taking the time to make sure the police got accurate info. Hope you all have great Mondays!

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Kerry said...

I'm so glad you got the yarn/goodies what a great way to start a week. I can't wait to leave comments. It has been killing me to remain Anon. I loved the photo of your little guy on the tractor.