Monday, May 08, 2006

Blue heron

So the mystery bird is a blue heron. Still not sure why it was at the bus stop. Knitting progress. 1 regia sock done, the other is at the heel. The body of the socks matches exactly, but I screwed up the pattern match on the heel. I am trying to decide if that will bug me, cause I really hate to rip anything knit on 00 dpns, it's a total pain to pick up the stitches. I don't have a shot of the dueling heels, so how about a gratuitously cute kid photo? This is my 2 year old at his favorite place, Flamig Farm in Simsbury Ct. Don't worry, he's not really driving. We went on Saturday, and I got spit on by the llama. The little man had loved telling everyone about the llama spitting on mommy, so my hub bought a plastic llama to encourage the retelling of the story. Like I could forget llama spit/

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