Sunday, April 01, 2007

knitting update

Well, anyone remember the ambitious goal I had for this year? Something about knitting three pairs of socks a month from stash yarn? And not buying new yarn?

I am proud to announce that there has been no yarn buying in this house. I have received gift yarn and BMF STR sock club yarn, we all know that does not count. I am however doing a fair amount of imaginary shopping, cruising Etsy and Astrid's Dutch obsessions. Not doing so well with the sock goal. March's' total is 1 pair, but in all fairness I knit the same pair of socks two times due to gauge problems.

I am beginning to suspect (quite strongly) that working full time my f* with my knitting goals. The first three days I brought knitting to do at lunch, but I haven't seen anyone actually sit to eat lunch. I don't want to buck the trend. I am really feeling food about the job, the clinical stuff came right back. I had a moment of panic before the first day, I was terrified that I might have forgotten how to be a therapist. Now I only fear the paperwork. I know that the logistics will fall into place. The kids at the school are great, during group we were talking about hobbies and mentioned knitting. Imagine how surprised I was that the eight boys in group got really excited and started talking about people in their lives who knit. I hope I can get back to knitting goals, and that I don't blow my first paycheck on yarn!


Diane said...

You sit down, eat your lunch and do some knitting. You'll start a trend and some conversation. Sock knitting seems to bring out the best in people as they just have to see what you are knitting.

Astrid's website is so tempting ... 2 orders from her already this year. Hey, someone has to not be on a yarn diet.

Sharon said...

Hey, maybe you can teach the boys to knit!

Knitters Treat Enablers said...

Hi there
Would you mind posting your knitters treat questionnaire? My gmail is playing up and I can't email you properly at the moment about it. Please have a look at the knitters treat blog for the latest post about the questionnaire.
Thanks, Sara

Iris said...

My husband faced the same issues about "skills insecurity" recently. He had spent the past 5 1/2 years as a school president. He has a Ph.D. in Psychology and an MBA and used to work at the SW Virginia Mental Health Institute. He recently returned to the institute as a Psychology Supervisor and was concerned his therapy skills had deteriorated. It wasn't true, but ...

I pointed out to him that he had actually beeen the "therapist" for 150 teenagers, 70 staff members and one frazzled Network Director (me).