Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The City of Sisterly Knitting

I went to see my parents over Easter weekend, and I got to see my sister knitting for the first time ever. She has been taking lessons and is now working on a scarf. I had to pick up a few stitches here and there, the sock at the left is mine. The good news about learning to knit at a great shop is that you are using nice wool, no matter what the out come is. She also got to experience knitterly insta bonding with the women in her class. Sadly she is not yet making sparks with her knitting as she does not yet have the compulsion to be knitting when ever and where ever possible.
This is my current sock in progress and it fits perfectly. I have not yet managed to get anyone else as excited about this as I am. Its the Queen Kahuna cast on, increases, gussets and heel. My plan is to do the picot edge, in other words - my favorite sock! The yarn is tofutsies, and I am using zero addi's (getting about 10 stitches to the inch). Shocking that I can't get my husband and kids excited by this, it looks so exciting in print.


Emma said...

Hee-but it is exciting!

Carrie Penny said...

Well, you have me Excited!

Elysbeth said...

Pretty, pretty, pretty.