Sunday, May 06, 2007

a huge mea culpa

Last week on Wednesday, I received the most lovely package from the knitter treat exchange and I couldn't believe how lovely and thoughtful each item was. Patty clearly read my responses to the questions and shopped very carefully.

Literally the gift was too large and generous for one photo. It didn't help that my daughters were grabbing at things. And truly it couldn't have come on a better day. My husband is finally off disability, and I had my first tough day at work. The politics of the environment caught up with me and I was feeling pretty low. So needless to say, I am so grateful. It was truly what I needed.

But in the chaos that has overtaken me and sometimes immobilized me, I failed to immediately acknowledge the gift and today when I read through the 500 emails I have neglected during the week I got an extremely kind email from one of the exchange organizers, letting me know she was concerned that I had not acknowledged the gift, and that she was concerned because I also hadn't posted since April 19th. I so appreciate her concern, but am I feeling like a shit! I haven't mailed my gift, I haven't properly acknowledged this incredible gift and I haven't written in ages. The responsibility is mine and I feel every bit of it. All I can do is hope to find the time and energy to properly respond to all these lovely people who have done me such a kindness. Needless to say that I lack the words to adequetly thank these kind women, but I do thank you both.

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A South Park Republican said...

Yowsers! You are a better girl than me. To me, it seems like the organizer was a bit judgmental. Waiting to post until the weekend, when you are a working mom with a just getting better husband, does not seem unreasonable. It's not like weeks, or even a week went by without you saying thanks.