Sunday, May 13, 2007

happy mother's day

Happy day to all of us hard working b****es. I am celebrating on this day by doing several thousand loads of laundry. Would it be too much for the people in this house to use a towel more than once? They can be easily hung from a towel bar or hook and used againd, the same can not be said for the towels that lie in a damp heap on the floor of the bedroom. I also buzzed the little guys hair because he was looking sort of shaggy.

I am also knitting the naga sock in opal flamingo (this is the doomed ball of yarn that I rescued from a fellow snb'er because she wanted to set fire to it after attempting the sideways sock). I think that I have taken the smell of doom off the yarn. I have turned the heel on the first sock and am up to the second repeat of the cuff. I finished two pairs of socks in april, but have to cop to the fact that one pair was started earlier.

I mailed off my package for knitter's treat exchange. Now I can start to work on my sockapalooza socks!


Diane said...

Really gotta agree on the whole towel issue. Really you are clean out of the shower and wiping off clean water. Hang it to dry and use it again.

I should have tackled Mt Laundry but it was such a nice day I didn't .... and I don't feel guilty at all.

Claire said...

:) Happy Day Anyway!

Eleni said...

I just tagged you for a meme. See my post for today!