Saturday, January 20, 2007

The best thing about swaps.

The best thing about participating in a swap (in this case the Mitten Kit Swap) is that no matter how much fun you have getting your package ready to ship and finding all the right little things to send, there is some one else you don't know doing the same thing for you! I cannot tell you how excited I was to see the box waiting at my door. Then I opened it and saw the gorgeous bag that Heidi made. I can't get over anyone being clever enough at sewing to know how to place a zipper. I love the bag and the fabric.
Then I opened the bag and found all sorts of cool stuff, not the least of which was a skein of my favorite yarn (kidsilk haze) in my favorite color. Loved the lorna's laces. Loved the notions and games for the kids. Love the pattern. Loved the candy (but I am pacing myself). Have I over used the word love? Don't think so - my package put a smile on my face the entire day. Thank you Heidi!

Now, I have to finish my socks for a swap partner in Germany. What fun!


Cassandra said...

i'm glad you loved your parcel from your swap partner just as much as I loved mine that I received from you.

Heidi said...

I'm soooo glad you enjoyed the package, I had a ton of fun putting it together! Zippers are tricky, the first time I tried one on a pair of pants I was making, I ended up sewing it to the butt! Just takes practice...and a good sewing instuctor!

Stay warm and cozy, it's snowing up here in Boston...cheers