Sunday, January 14, 2007

new socks

Who-hoo! The first new socks of 2007. Here are the specs. The top pair for DH are regia mini ringel with knit picks essential heels and toes. Pattern was random from my head, knit on 2 circs. The extremely bright orange socks are for me and the yarn is a handyed yarn I bought a long time ago, I think from Ebay. The pattern is the falling leaves from IK 2005, and all the wonky yarn overs from the pattern evened out with light blocking. Sadly the pattern does not show up well here. This was also knit on 2 circs. I am sensing a trend here and I think ...(dramatic pause).... that this is probably my favorite way to knit socks. I have used dpns and magic loop but keep coming back to 2 circs.

Just so that noone thinks I am a prolific knitter or a woman of leisure, I will stipulate that the orange socks were 80% done by the end of 2006 and the stripes were 50% on New Year's Eve. My current project is for the spring swap from Martinas BaselKunst and I am using the anastacia pattern with sockatta yarn, because my partner said she preferred yarn with cotton, though I am not that happy with the colors.


mrsquilt said...

Beautiful socks, I really the falling leaves pattern.

Diane said...

Hi. First time visiting your blog. Lovely socks and even lovelier collection of yarn you have living at your house. I live in CT too.