Saturday, December 30, 2006


Well, since the holiday knitting is done I have lost any sense of discipline. I have two active projects, one sock for DH and a scarf for my niece. Both projects are made of sock yarn. I will post wip photos when I can get my hands on the laptop.I have a bunch of stuff I want to start but will try to keep the number of projects on the neddles down to 3. Meanwhile Dh was back in the hospital while traveling for work (luckily he was dc'ed and able to come home on his own).

I had my first mammogram, which was followed by my first mammogram scare. Good news though, what they saw was determined to be just nodular breast tissue. I have to get the left breast mammogram repeated in 6 months, they don't want to see the right one again till next year. I am flabberghasted that they cannot find a less painful and humiliating way to screen for cancer. If they had to crush your head to visualize your brain I promise they would find a better way. The real issue is that you have some stranger handling your boobs, smashing them between the hard plastic. For mercy sake, can't they at least crush your boobs between something soft? Happy, healthy new year to all!

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