Friday, December 15, 2006

holiday update

So I finished the christmas stocking. It came out well and was really appreciated, but the fact that I had to rework the pattern to get it to make sense was a bummer. I did ask my friend to let me have it back after the holiday so that I can add some more embroidery to the tree. Now ALL I have to is knit all the washcloths to go with the soap I made for the teachers. Tick Tock!

I am also trying to get used to knitting with reading glasses. I decided to start wearing my contacts because my glasses did a poor job of correcting my distance vision. The contacts do an awesome job of correcting my distance vision, but I realized I need reading specs. Oh, well I am living some version of age before beauty, except in my case it means that I need to attend to my age related needs before my beauty related needs. As Bette Davis said, "Ageing is not for sissies".

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Eleni said...

In person, this was heartbreakingly beautiful. You go girl! I love when my favorite Jewish girl is knitting Christmas stockings!