Tuesday, September 19, 2006

render me speechless

This is what is on my minivan. The knit sticker and one that reads "The last time someone listened to a Bush, folks wandered around the desert for 40 years" (I typed it because of the glare in my photo). Well, today this was added to my car by persons unknown outside my 5 year olds' gymnastic class. I can barely contain my outrage! I understand that driving around in a red part of a blue state with this bumpersticker may elicit some political discussion and I welcome that. This is ,however, a comment on their perception of my relationship with G-d, which is uncalled for. I would have been happy to discuss my beliefs with them but they chose an less direct approach. Part of the reason behind this bumpersticker is that my last name is Moses. Mostly I am shocked that anyone felt the need to put this note on my car, without thought to how I may feel and then signed it with a smiley face! What the heck is that about?

And update on DH is that he has to have another angiogram on Thursday to rule out damge on the right side of his heart. Wish us luck, we welcome prayers of any denomination!


Eleni said...

Still shocked. I cannot even believe someone would take the time to write the note. I am so over these Crazy Christians--they are giving the rest of us a bad name.

Kerry said...

It really stinks that there are people out there who put forth such an effort of being rude, grumpy and intolerant. It takes such an effort to be angry all the time and does so little good. When will people ever learn that kindness is the only way that things ever change. btw.. I LOVE the bumper sticker!!