Tuesday, September 26, 2006

in memory

Today I went to the funeral of an incredible woman who should by all rights be walking among us still. She was a devoted mother, a friend to many and someone who never tried to shine a light on herself. At her funeral, I learned that she was a talented singer. I knew of her love of music. I recently learned about her academic and professional achievements when my DH and I tried to help her buff her resume. She was widely traveled. Clearly she was modest. Devoted friends from her life were there. And her beautiful children, 11 and 13, were a testament to her. She ended her life because she became hopeless about her marital issues and feared for her future. If you knew her you would never believe that she would leave her children behind.

My garden is full of gifts from her, when she split her perennials she left them in my driveway. Hug your kids and tell your friends how much you cherish them. Never assume that tragedy cannot occur. I knit her a scarf because she had helped me so much after my husband's open heart surgery eighteen months ago. When I came to her house to drop it off she leaned in the window of my car and said that is so beautiful. She seemed delighted that it was a gift for her. I was proud to know her and hope she knows that.

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Kerry said...

May God Bless Her family and Yours at this time. Peace be with you.