Sunday, June 24, 2007

How do you teach manners?

I try to teach my children to be civilized, some days it is hard. Today at the swim club we had a problem with the mommy's not wanting my child to share their child's toys. I know three is an uncivilized age and I know he is a bit wild but when the one mommy told me I needed to do something and I saw her friend (we'll just call them bitch and bigger bitch) wresting her son's toy from my son I was appalled. She actually said, these are ours we brought them from home. Well, where did she think the rest of the toys came from? We all bring things from home, but we still share. Usually if other kids play with my kids' stuff, I just let them know where to leave it when they are done.

The bigger bitch had been talking loudly about her son's need for pt, ot and speech - all I could think was this was a bad enough example for a typical child let alone a kid with special needs. My friend walked by and found them bitching about me, and commented that not only were they not nice but they were caught being rude. I would have cancelled my membership on the spot if it hadn't been for the two nice moms who made a point to come over and tell me how appalled they were. I still don't know if I can hang out there every day this summer and face that! I just don't know how I can tell my child that he must share nicely with other kids but that he must not touch the toys at the pool.

Let me share a happy amazing thing. I was going to post the new firebird color of STR that I received on Wednesday, but saw that someone had already knitted hers up and boy are they gorgeous. I will now humbly link to Nicole. I bow to her knitting speed!


Carrie Penny said...

You aren't alone there, I don't have kids of my own, but I have taken kids out with me in the past and gone out with friends that are mothers. It is truly amazing to me how people have changed. I look at the difference inbetween how our parents raised us and how we are raising our children. For all of the efforts made in being PC and tolorent, we have mannaged to lose all of what was there before. We have lost our common politeness. It really is a shame and I hate to see what happens to the world when our kids are running it. For the few and far between (like yours) that are being raised well there are too many to count being raised and self important, primadonna prats.

At the end of the day, know that there are those of us out there that are very glad to know that we also aren't alone in wanting to see kids behave well and act like good people.

Rebecca said...

That is really sad that woman was so obnoxious. We went to a concert last night with kind of an "older" crowd and noticed that the older people were the ones who were the most rude! Oh well, at least you are working on the new generation, even if other people aren't.

We joined the pool, so maybe we will see you around there.

Diane said...

I wouldn't cancel the membership. Obnoxious moms are everywhere. I'd make it a point to tell the woman next time that she is not allowed to take things from your child; you will do that. Then just explain is a awfully loud voice to your baby that some people just don't know how to share but he's such a good boy to share with others.

My fav is the park moms. When I take my grandkids to the park I'm around them the whole time playing. Other moms will stand there talking to each other with their dunkin donuts coffee in hand talking to each other about whatever while their little monsters throw sand, trip other kids, etc. Then they will get on their cell phones and say, "Yes, I'm at the park with jr today. I know I should be doing other things but it's important to spend time with jr." Spent time? Drinking coffee and visiting is spending time with your kid? I must be too old fashion.