Tuesday, November 28, 2006

random thoughts

  • How did I spend Thanksgiving with my family and assorted knitting projects without getting an effing thing done?
  • The pattern for my Christmas stocking is making me nuts. The chart reads in a way that is inducing nausea in me. The chart reads from the upper rows to the ankle, then the foot is done on dpns. It makes it hard to look at the picture and tell if its right, or maybe its my brain that has a problem. I am just used to charts that work up, and I may have to reverse the pattern so it doesn't make my brain hurt.
  • Joe Lieberman has hired some dude as his chief of staff or some such title who hails from Christian "family" oriented causes. Are we supposed to see Lieberman as a democrat? I think he might be trying to run for one of the 4 horsemen of the apocolypse. I still wished I could have voted against him more than once. On the plus side, my impulse control seems to be intact - I didn't leave a foul mouthed message at Lieberman's office.
  • Did any one see the "Rhymes with Orange" cartoon in the paper sunday? It was a snake looking at a book titled Anyone Can Knit. The caption was to the effect that the snake remained optimistic.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE "Rhymes with Orange" but I didn't see the comics on Sunday - I want a copy of that!! :)

How is your tooth?