Sunday, October 22, 2006


Well, despite the fact that my partner in crime was unable to go I took the two little ones and went to Rhinebeck. What a scene! It was the most gorgeous day and one of the lovliest drives ever. Thanks to a fun new game we learned ( virtual hide and seek) the ride was without any bickering. Driving into the lot and seeing the massive number of cars was amazing. There were some fun things for the kids to do and there was yarn. We watched a sheep shearing. My five year old now is desperate to learn to spin with a drop spindle, she is carring a small piece of angora fiber that a spinner gave her. I continue to chant "Must not take up spinning". My favorite find was Ellen's Half Pint Farms sock yarn, the colors are lovely and the yarn has a great feel. I will post photos later. I bought 5 skiens but I am not sure they are all for me.

The Fold's booth had been stripped bare of STR by 1PM on saturday, they had only sockcandy left. I guess there is a slight exaggeration when I say stripped bare, as there were two skiens of the almost solid olivine left. I saw so many people wearing their handknits, but was most impresses with the two women I saw wearing items they made from the Knitting Nature book. Wow did they look great.

Coming from the epicenter of bland whiteness (Connecticut), it was great fun to see some funky fresh non-beige people. My kids behaved amazingly well, and I realized how lucky I was when I saw so many moms with crying kids. Its hard to find a place to time the kids out in the midst of a fiber fest. I will post pics as soon as I can.

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