Sunday, October 08, 2006

for real finished object (frfo)

Well in between all of the challenges of life, health and sockwars , I managed to get some knitting done. My son is in a green phase and begged for some green socks so I used the opal chameleon. It is a pattern from my head and from now on I really should write them down as I do the first sock. It was a challenge to remember what I did. The ribbing is k3p1, with a heel that combines a PGR short row heel and Lucy Neatby's garter stitch short row heel. The toe is also a combo toe. I really like doing the heel and toe on crazy small needles, I think this was a 00. While my son liked the socks, he was scaring us by using them to skate on the wooden floor. He can find a way to make anything dangerous! By the way the other feet belong to my 5 year old daughter who cannot tolerate being left out of any picture, even a goofy knitting shot.

Now I am using the rest of the skein to make DH a matching pair, but his will be a low ankle sock so I don't run out of yarn.

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