Thursday, June 15, 2006

& I thought it was the food that would kill you!

So I took two of three kids to the "Golden Arches" for lunch so that George could get the Cars toys. I know, not the best food and not much fun for the mommy. Anyway, he was playing with the toy car and I was knitting a sock in front of him. A lady started chatting socks with me, and ran out to the cars to get hers (ML 2 at a time in a gorgeous Lorna's Laces Color). We discuss yarn, technique, ribbing - all the important stuff. George came over crying and asked for milk, I don't normally nurse him in public but he was crying. He fell alseep. When we got to the car, he woke up and began bawling. He was holding his wrist and his lower lip was trembling. I asked a friend who is a nurse and was getting into her car if she thought it could be nursemaid's elbow, but she's a cardiac nurse. So I started driving towards the doctor's office while trying to get through on their busy phone. I got them on the phone about 6 seconds before I got to their door and they saw me right away even though they were on lunch (Yeah Unionville Pediatrics!). It was nursemaid's elbow and they had to reduce it (in otherwords pop it back into place while the little guy screamed his head off). After the fiasco was over the five year old told me that some kid yanked George's arm. So I now know that the food is not the only dangerous thing about fast food.


Claire said...

OWWWWW - I do remember when that happened to Boo; I wish I had another child there to tell me exactly HOW it happened, but I have only her "I fell on it wrong" explanation. Your ped office sounds GREAT, and so glad the little guy is all better now. :-)

Kerry said...

How terrible for you little one, but at least you were an aware mom and knew right what to do.