Sunday, March 27, 2011

Long day

Today has officially made me its bitch. I surrender. Uncle. Make it stop. I took my middle child (10) to a sub shop in town, no biggie. Until the argument between a man and woman in the parking lot turned really ugly. All the sudden the man was shoving the woman and getting really menacing. I was at the door, sent my daughter back to the table and yelled for the restaurant staff to call 911. A high school aged boy who worked there tried to go out and intervene but I stopped him. Someone handed me the phone and I called 911. The woman came back into the restaurant and the police showed up. Next thing I knew the man was in handcuffs, the police were there and my poor daughter was hysterical. I comforted her while I was still shaking. All this in our sleepy town. So disturbing! I feel like it was the best outcome in a really awful situation. At least my daughter knows that we help others no matter what. But I still want my day of rest back.

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