Thursday, October 04, 2007

Happy Dance

My sockapalooza pal can finally do a happy dance. The third sock made it through the hell that is the Canadian Postal service safely. Now I learned several things

  1. The cheaper postage works better and saves money!

  2. The reason smart knitters write down what they do for each project is so they know if they need to replicate it. Duh!

  3. It feels good to get the task complete even when it takes extra effort.

And I have the satisfaction of knowing that a new friend in the North doesn't have an odd sock hanging out. Those odd socks make me crazy. I can't bring myself to throw them away because when I do the mate always shows up.

I finally got my ravelry invite, but haven't had the time to set up my account or explore the site. I hear there is much socky goodness there, so I can't wait.

The picture is of my friendly neighborhood bear. I discovered that after his attack on my trash can, there were huge claw marks on the can. Spooky!

In knitting I am working on a sock savior pair using the carolis pattern. It will be my first full pair using Cat's book. I made a cute baby carolis just for practise!

1 comment:

noricum said...

Thanks again! And... *prodprodprod* don't forget to send me your measurements. ;) (I'm about 40% done my saviour socks... yours will be next if I get the measurements in time!)