Friday, August 10, 2007

Ptoy, ptoy, ptoy

So Jews have this weird superstition that to avoid bringing bad luck by talking about something good, you spit three times on the ground. As time went on and my peeps got house proud we instead started to make this weird noise to simulate spitting. What does this have to do with knitting? Well I am having a darn good week. I had my Stitch and Bitch group over for a pot luck, yarn swap and s'more roast. We had fun, people went home with yarn different from what they came with. I know the photo sucks but we had fun.
Thursday I had a job interview that went really well, and when I called one of my references to let her know she would be getting a call about me I ended up with a job offer from the place that I worked at for 4 months this year! And my transfer of my social work license from Illinois to Connecticut (which has been stalled in bureaucracy since February) was finally approved.

Then I came home today and found my sockapalooza socks had arrived. And they are awesome, made out of Collinette Jitterbug which is one yarn I do not own. They are a perfect fit. And they are from the adorable 17 year old knitter from Finland that I originally thought I was knitting for. So as to not piss fate off, I will say it was a heck of a good week, ptoy, ptoy ptoy!


S said...

I´m so glad you like them! I was really worried about the fit, because that's just how I'm built.

(I was, for a moment, totally freaked out when you linked to me on your blog, but apparently it was just a glitch with the database.)

A South Park Republican said...

Wednesday night was a blast. Nice people, nice yarn, and burned, carcinogenic marshmellowy goodness, how can you go wrong? So when ya gonna do it again? :)